A vengeful slave, a first-mate struggling for his morality, and an unscrupulous lone passenger with ulterior motives find themselves in deadly and historically-altering circumstances on a slave ship voyage.

Industry Reader Feedback...

"a masterpiece in harrowing drama and tension."
"illuminates a horrendous chapter of human history that needs to be told and does so without feeling too exploitative or heavy-handed"
"excellently imagined and excellently written"
- 2017 BlueCat Competition Feedback

"This script showed the true horrors of slaving in a way that I've never quite seen done before."
- 2017 Nicholls Reader Comments (Reader 1)

"It has an unpredictable and exciting third act with a strong conclusion that will leave audiences very satisfied"
"an enjoyable read with a unique and high concept"
- Blacklist Evaluation #3

"The narrative...has a very compelling nature in the vivid picture of the horrors described"
"...is able to show very graphically the trials of the slaves on the ship"
"Good choice on historical piece and time."
- First Round Reader (AFF)

"the type of project that really needs to be put together with an A-list producer and creative team to really have a shot given the scale and inherently challenging topic"
- Blacklist Evaluation #2

"The characters feel real to the world that is created."
"It has structural builds and arcs fitting a script of this genre."
- Second Round Reader (AFF)

"focuses on...an aspect of slavery that--though often discussed and eluded to--is rarely seen on film"
- Blacklist Evaluation #4

"a strong...ability to bring the world to life and craft believable period dialogue"
- Blacklist Evaluation #5

"Our readers commend the vivid detail you used to tell a difficult story. Keep writing!"
- Matt Dy, Screenplay & Teleplay Competition Director - Austin Film Festival (AFF)

About the Screenplay...

Cargo is based on the Zong Massacre, an atrocity involving the murder of 132 slaves during the ship's voyage across the Atlantic in the winter of 1781. These events altered the moral perceptions of slavery and the value of human life.

The screenplay for Cargo was written by Joseph Craig & Jason Rein of Atypical Tales and is currently on a quest to find the means to get it realized into a feature film.

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